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The Red Book – Carl Jung’s dream journal over a 15-year period

The Red Book
by C.G. Jung
W. W. Norton & Company
2009, 404 pages, 12.3 x 18 x 2.5 inches
$142 Buy a copy on Amazon (hardcover, box set, original format)

The guy who practically invented our notion of the unconscious, C. G. Jung, also believed that at some level of consciousness we were all connected, and that we could access our collective awareness via dreams. Practicing what he preached, Jung kept a diary of his dreams, and sometimes he drew them. This is a bit of an understatement because Jung did more than sketch, he painted masterpieces of iconic art. And he rewrote his dreams in various calligraphic scripts so that over a 15-year period his dream journal (covered in red leather) became an illustrated manuscript. Jung said that these confrontations with his own unconscious were the foundation of all his later work. His red book was never published, but rumors of it circulated for a hundred years. It was finally published in a full reproduction last year. This edition also contains an English translation of his journal pages, and each page at the original scale. Here are the dreams of the man who made our dreams mythical. Here, in this amazing book, are “inner images” that will prompt you to take your own inner images seriously. – Kevin Kelly

July 8, 2014


Ben Lehman makes role-playing games that are at times tragic, romantic, introspective, scary, action-packed, and hilarious. At their core, they are all about creating and telling stories. You and your friends might be a group at war with alien invaders, super-bro street lugers, space explorers,…

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